Over the past month you may well have seen a Doncaster gardener making headlines.


Stuart Grindle was crowned the winner of our Britain’s Best Lawn competition and went on to take the nation by storm – appearing in The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Sun, The Star and the Daily Express. He even made a guest appearance on BBC Breakfast TV!

Britain’s Best Lawn celebrates passionate gardeners and rewards them for their dedication. Stuart was certainly a worthy winner. His lawn was immaculate and his garden was truly stunning.

Stuart spends a staggering 30 hours a week looking after his lawn, with its fluted edges and immaculate borders.

As well as the prestigious Britain’s Best Lawn title, Stuart received our LM2102E-SP lawnmower and the full multi-tool set – quite the contrast to the 1940’s hand push mower he’s used to using!

Stuart is somewhat of a lawn expert and has his lawncare regime for the year down to a tee with scarifying, aerating and over-seeding all taking place dependent upon the season. His lawn is kept to 5mm high giving a perfect carpet finish, surrounded by beautiful floral displays that complete his garden. It was the lawn’s role in the garden that gained the judges’ favour. The judges, which included the chairman of the UK Lawn Care Association, were keen to see a lawn that played a vital overall part in a garden, framed by borders and planting, over meticulous mown stripes and designs.

“The lawn is my pride and joy, and has been a labour of love for years. I have spent many a year perfecting my garden, particularly the lawn, and have learnt that there is never a finished article. It’s a passion I have had for over 40 years”, enthused Stuart.

Steve Roskell, European marketing director and one of the judges, commented: “We received lots of great entries but as soon as we saw Stuart’s entry we knew he was a contender. His lawn, and his dedication to it, are fantastic so he instantly got my vote! He’s a very worthy winner who is clearly passionate about maintaining his lawn and garden. We look forward to seeing how his new lawnmower and multi-tool will help ease his workload.”

The only factor getting Stuart out of the garden? “My wife telling me it’s time to stop each day”!